XenDesktop7 Catalog Creation never stops in Citrix Studio

I have had this weird issue when creating a new Desktop catalog using Citrix Studio. My environment is as below

  • XenDesktop 7
  • VMware vSphere 5.1
  • Win 7 Catalogs
  • VDA version 7.0

I initiated the task to create a new catalog via studio and it doesn’t go into completion even after a couple of hours and it appeared to me like in an infinite loop. No way it should take 2 hours to finish creating 2 VMs with 30 GB disk size. I tried cancelling the job via the Actions Tab but it wasn’t doing anything at all.

Ok, I decided to find out the status of the rogue running task and ran the below on the broker where I have the studio open.


That will give you a list of all the running tasks in the environment; a lot of them cant be even seen from a Studio and most of them are disk clean-up related which the brokers run to clean up unused disk images to keep the setup in good condition.

After running the above command, I was searching for the TaskId of the rogue running process and I found it


I would need to first stop the above running process to successfully remove it; there is an error in the Citrix article here http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX132719 which explains to remove the task first and it didn’t work for me as you cant remove a running task before stopping it.

The very first field has the value that I have been looking for TaskId ; I copied that and ran the below

Stop-ProvTask -TaskId 514e5978-4247-429c-909d-454021ef6103

and then followed by the below

Remove-ProvTask -TaskId 514e5978-4247-429c-909d-454021ef6103


All good and you should now be able to remove that catalog and start fresh


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