NetScaler Commands – Add a service via CLI

NetScaler web based administration portal is one of the most irritating pieces of UX that I have ever worked on. A lot of the times, Java doesn’t work until you start changing various settings within the Java control panel and your IE advanced tab settings. Enough said, you guys know what i am talking about  or find more about that from my blogpost here. Thankfully, Citrix has done a good job of replacing Java with HTML code in 10.5 (well, most of the bits)

One day I wanted to setup a couple of services to perform port checks from the NetScaler to the secure backend network. Guess what, java doesn’t want to load to add that from the GUI. I decided to do that on the command-line as I had network team over my shoulders to check all is OK from a NetScaler point of view.

Use your favorite SSH tool to perform this and my example below shows PuTTy.

Logon to the NetScaler management IP and run the below command

add service <name of the service> <IP Address> <serviceType> <port>


Refresh the admin portal and the new service will turn up in there or alternately run the below command in PuTTy

sh service <name of the service>


Now if you want to remove a service, please run the below command

rm service <name of the service>

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