Remove Existing Storage under Hosting node in Citrix Studio – PowerShell way

On the Desktop Studio, there is a menu for adding additional storage but no option for removing the storage once it is configured.

However, there is a PowerShell cmdlet Remove-HypHostingUnitStorage that can be used for removing the existing Storage

The below is how my datastore connections look like and I am going to demo removing one of the existing connections VNX-Templates


Open PowerShell in Admin mode and run the below commands one after the other


asnp Citrix*

cd XDHyp:

cd HostingUnits


Look for the below marked text in the output for ls command


Run the below to delete the datastore

Remove-HypHostingUnitStorage -LiteralPath ‘XDHyp:\HostingUnits\DataStore – Hosted Shared Desktops’ -StoragePath ‘XDHyp:\Connections\MCSforXD\Mt Albert.datacenter\Production.cluster\’


Wait for the command to complete. once done, refresh the Studio and you will notice that the datastore has been removed.


Citrix themselves also has got a KB  out for doing the same and there are some pretty disclaimers and warning before you attempt to do this.



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