Issue with “maximizing /restoring” minimized Seamless Citrix Apps – XenApp 6.5

We have had an issue with published Seamless applications being unable to be restored/maximized after users have minimized them. The issue doesn’t appear to happen all the time but when this happens users were forced to logoff from the server and log back on to get back to working state.

The customer environment was XenApp 6.5 with published desktops and apps. Storefront used was 2.1

Cause – The source of the issue was the policy that was turned ON to ungroup the taskbar icons


Fix – Fix is to set the GPO that managed taskbar grouping to “not configured” or “Disabled”


In my case, the customer had this setting turned ON via Registry and I had to remove that to fix the issue. The below is the key that was turned ON and had to be removed.


Hope this helps somebody out there….

XenApp 6.5 – Disable Load Balancing and enable Session Sharing, well “partially” – background grayed out Issue when using Snipping Tool

Hello there,

It’s time for another quick write-up. I was asked by one of my customers to look into an issue with a published instance of Snipping Tool with background grayed out  when invoked to take a snap. This makes it impossible to use the Snipping Tool or any screen capture tool for that matter.

The environment is a XenApp 6.5 farm with multiple servers. All the apps are loaded on all servers.

I tried a windows shortcut for Snipping Tool instead of a Citrix published app with the same results.

Issue – the problem here is the Load Balancing which is turned ON by default in XenApp 6.5. For the record, Published Desktops and Apps have a different session ID starting from XenApp 6.0 breaking the Citrix session sharing that prior versions of XenApp users always enjoyed. I would say a very bad decision from Citrix and there are a lot of unhappy users and frustrated admins out there.

Resolution – Turn Off Load Balancing to fix the issue. Load balancing can be turned OFF by implementing the below registry changes. This will not enable Session Sharing technically but will force all the apps to be loaded from the same server if installed. Also make sure that the snipping tool is delivered as a Windows shortcut. I used Group Policy Preferences to do that.



Once implemented, restart the IMA service so that it repopulate Local Host Cache.

That should be it and you will be able to use Snipping Tool without any issues on Citrix.

Session Sharing will only be “partially” enabled as technically the Desktop session and the Application session doesn’t share the same session ID from XenApp 6.0 and above but the above fix serve the purpose of launching all your apps on the same server that hosts the desktop session.


Open File Security Warning – Enable or Disable

Have you seen the below message appearing on your Citrix servers and just wished you could turned that OFF. I did, not once but quite a few times that I have decided to document it so that I can quickly revisit the page when I deploy Citrix next time.

The annoying error looks like the below and it is plain ugly to say the least.



I tried a few things that Internet had to offer but nothing worked for me until I tried a combination of the below 2 GPOs




The GPOs could be found here

User Configuration - Administrative Templates - Windows Components - Internet Explorer - Internet Control Panel - Security Page
  • Intranet Sites: Include all local (intranet) sites not listed in other zones
  • Intranet Sites: Include all network paths (UNCs)


The popup should now go away!

How to disable Click here to restore the language bar on “Server Name” when running Citrix published apps directly

For a recent deployment of XenApp 6.5, I have been asked by the customer to remove/disable the language bar that appears in the notification area of Citrix servers.


To fix this, all you need to do is to setup a registry key in the HKLM node. I used the group Policy preferences to do this



Value=0x00040000 (Hex) or 262144 (decimal)

Give the servers a reboot and you are all done. That should take the little pen icon away from the notification area.


microsoft office can’t find your license for this application. A repair attempt was unsuccessful or was cancelled. microsoft office will now exit – Resolved

Users getting the below error message while working in Office/Outlook. In our case, it was Outlook 2013 client.

microsoft office can’t find your license for this application.  A repair attempt was unsuccessful or was cancelled.  microsoft office will now exit



Fix is to start/restart the SOFTWARE PROTECTION service on the servers/clients from where Office is run.

In my case, it was a XenDesktop Hosted Shared catalog and faulty servers exhibited the below.



All I have to do is to restart the Software Protection service on the servers. the executable is sppsvc.exe. I had to open task manager to kill the exe before i could restart the service.