Desktop Director 2.1

Desktop Director is a tool that will utilize role-based permission sets to support the daily usage of Citrix products.

It enables support teams to perform basic maintenance tasks and to monitor and troubleshoot system issues.

Desktop Director 1.0 was introduced with XenDesktop 5 and Desktop Director 2.0 supports troubleshooting XenApp sessions.

Role-based access control – assign appropriate permissions to specific roles to perform certain operation. Full administrator can view all and make changes. Read-only administrator can view all but cannot perform tasks. Help desk administrator can perform day-to-day monitoring and maintenance tasks (restarting desktops or logoff sessions).

The below guide gives a quick insight on how the version 2.1 differs from previous releases of DD.


HDX Monitor 3.2 Published

I am all excited about the new release of HDX Monitor 3.2. The tool is packed with far more features this time and could be downloaded from the link below

There are a few things to keep in mind about the differences  HDX Monitor and Desktop Director

HDX Monitor

  • HDX Monitor is a stand alone tool helpful for in-depth troubleshooting
  • Allows technicians to customise the metrics that the tool collects and displays.
  • The tool also could be run as a published application which could be leveraged by anyone in the organisation
  • HDX Monitor can target machines remotely which means you can install it on one machine and use it for troubleshooting any machines in the network

Desktop Director

  • Desktop Director have an integrated system that is aware of your complete system
  • It is a dashboard that is capable of displaying the HDX Monitor data plus a host of various metrics and performance related data

More information on the new version of HDX Monitor is available here