TechEdge Los Angeles 2013 – Presentations and Videos

A lot of times I have noticed the TechEdge videos from Citrix not being showing up in Google searches. i thought i would put them here for my quick reference.


Citrix TechEdge is a free event hosted by top Citrix Technical Support engineers at Citrix Summit and Synergy, where you gain insights from the experts on deploying, optimizing and troubleshooting your mobility, cloud computing, virtualization and networking technologies. TechEdge 2013 was held on Tuesday, May 21st at the Anaheim Convention Center, Los Angeles, CA.

This article lists the presentations and videos from TechEdge 2013 that are available on the Citrix Knowledge Center.

TechEdge Los Angeles 2013 PowerPoint and Video Presentations

CTX137879 – TechEdge Los Angeles 2013 – Troubleshooting XenApp with the Citrix Diagnostic Toolkit

CTX137880 – TechEdge Los Angeles 2013 – Troubleshooting and debugging Citrix Receiver for iOS and Android

CTX137881 – TechEdge Los Angeles 2013 – Troubleshooting a XenDesktop environment using the PowerShell SDK

CTX137882 – TechEdge Los Angeles 2013 – Deploying global server load balancing using persistent methods

CTX137886 – TechEdge Los Angeles 2013 – Configuring and troubleshooting XenDesktop sites

CTX137883 – TechEdge Los Angeles 2013 – Troubleshooting provisioning services target boot processes

CTX137885 – TechEdge Los Angeles 2013 – Disaster recovery best practices for XenServer

CTX137884 – TechEdge Los Angeles 2013 – Optimizing and troubleshooting NetScaler performance

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