Configure Log Off behaviour for a Desktop Catalog in XenDesktop 7

A Desktop catalog that is freshly created is configured to shut down the machines after use and we can change that behaviour quite easily. Again, I would like to see these added to the GUI at some point by Citrix but I am not complaining now as I am learning a lot of XD cmdlets in PowerShell these days.

Load the Citrix cmdlets in PowerShell in Admin mode

asnp Citrix*

Load all the Catalogs by the below



The catalog that I created have the “ShutDownDesktopsAfterUse” set to True which is why the desktops are rebooting and we will have to change that to false.



Set-BrokerDesktopGroup -Name "Win XP Gold Desktops" -ShutDownDesktopsAfterUse $False

You can see the parameter for “Name” from the first screenshot. Run the Get-BrokerDesktopGroup command to confirm