XenDesktop 7 error XDDS:07E48AB2 when using Machine Creation Services

Machine Creation services could fail when creating a new Catalog with the following error message. I have seen this happening on a fresh XenDesktop 7 setup.


Clicking on error details will give you this


To fix this issue do the following:

On all the Desktop Delivery Controllers (DDC) open a Administrative PowerShell window and enter: Enable-wsmancredssp -Role Client –DelegateComputer *


say Yes (Y)to the prompt and hit enter. Ensure that the same is done on other DDCs if you have multiple brokers in the environment.

Now go back to the Studio and select Hosting node, select the Connection resource and click Test Resource



Ensure that the tests run successfully. try recreating the catalog and issue should go away.


Unable to provision VMs via Citrix MCS – Invalid Configuration for device “10”


Here is another issue with XenDesktop 7 when provisioning VMs using Citrix Studio via Machine Creation Services (MCS). My environment is

  • XenDesktop 7
  • Machine Creation Services
  • VMware vSphere 5.1
  • Server 2012 Hosted Shared Catalogs


Citrix Studio reported the error that I could pick up later from Event Viewer on the Desktop Delivery Controller Server(this is where studio is installed and running in my case). The error message is below



The VM template used for MCS provisioning had CD Drive/Floppy drive  attached to it. Remove that and the issue will be resolved.

Happy troubleshooting !